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If you have been contacted by Assist Investigations Re: unclaimed assets:


Congratulations - we have conducted a preliminary inquiry and discovered that you may be entitled to missing/undiscovered assets.


The exact amount will not be determined until such time as a formal claim has been made but we have a reasonable basis for believing that, if such claim were made, that you would receive that amount, less a 10% location/claim fee charged by Assist Investigations.


If you are interested in retaining our services as a claimant, we would require that you sign an assignment letter that will state the following:
Assist Investigations and Claimant do hereby agree that in consideration of our efforts of  identifying and locating Claimant and assisting in the actual recovery of the above-described assets to which Claimant may be entitled, Claimant assigns to Assist Investigations, 10% of the net assets which the Claimant in fact recovers. Claimant agrees that our fee will be paid upon payment of the claim. 

Assist Investigations and Claimant agree that in the event Claimant is not entitled to assets as described above and such assets are not recovered, there is no obligation on either party to the other.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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