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Assist Investigations provide real estate abstractor services in the southern California area. Coverage includes Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura and Kern Counties. Requests for counties outside of Los Angeles may require a minimum amount of searches.


This is a search for the most recent deed that has been recorded. A search for all deeds for a specific owner or search parameter can be requested.



A Mortgage and Assignment search will locate a specific Mortgage/Deed of Trust and follow the chain of Assignment Trust Deeds. This search can be adjusted to include Modifications, Notices of Default and Reconveyances. 


A Foreclosure search will locate all documents associated with a defaulted mortgage. Search can be adjusted to include the most current default documents or current and previous default documents.

We research foreclosed properties for open liens/judgments as well as report the date sold at auction, winning bid, surplus funds, and the foreclosed owner of property.


A Current Owner Search (O & E - Owner & Encumbrance) consists of a search for the purchase Deed, all open Mortgages/Deeds of Trusts, Assignments, open Liens and Judgments, and Tax Assessor information.


Commercial or Cell Tower searches are available. These searches can be labor intensive and include a large volume of documents. Searches are for 40 years and can be adjusted to the clients specifications and search parameters.

DOCUMENT RETRIEVAL (Plain and Certified Copies)

Plain copies of specific documents can be purchased and forwarded via email as a PDF attachment. Certified copies will be forwarded by overnight courier services.

Pricing will vary depending on the project. Volume discounts are available for abstractor services. Document copy fees will be forwarded at cost.


A retainer or deposit may be required until a regular payment schedule has been established.

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